How to Pick a Blog Post Topic

A few months ago, with all the best intentions, I agreed to write a few blogs for an up and coming online mom community that was hoping to expand their content. Now I sit here wondering what to write about. To say that the road to hell (and online anonymity) is paved with good intentions would be a understatement. My case of writers block got me thinking, “How do you pick you a blog topic?”.

In an effort to get the creative juices flowing and get back into the habit of blogging regularly, I decided to put pen to pad and share some thoughts on how to pick a blog post topic. Having already gone through the exercise of starting a blog and choosing a general blog topic – personal and professional branding with social and digital media, I needed the narrow the scope and figure out a specific post topic that would relevant and useful to a community of moms.

Below are a few mental frameworks and quick ways to assess your audience and find the cross section between their needs and topics you can write about in order to choose a blog post topic.

1. Write what the audience wants or needs to hear about. How do you know what they want to hear about? Ask them! To some this might seem too obvious and too easy, but trust me its worthwhile…plus blogging is meant to be fun not torturous. This is especially easy to do if you’re talking to community of users. Check out the community discussion boards, which are usually easy to sort by topic. Find out what your audience is talking about and what they’re curious about.

2. Write what you know. One thing separating an informative blog from an op-ed piece is an ounce of fact. While you don’t have to have a PhD, you do owe it to your readers to offer more than just your opinion. What you think is a great start, but take the time to do your research and back-up your opinions with actual fact. This means writing about a subject that you’re interested in so you won’t mind spending a few hours on research.

3. Write to help your readers. People blog for a lot of different reasons , but at some level we’re all writing because we think, or at least hope, something we share will be meaningful to someone. Remain true to that! Don’t just pontificate, but try to add value through useful info, or at least charm and wit.

That’s it, the process I follow to break the shackles of writer’s block. To find out what I wrote about, stop by Social Moms for a read.

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